Using the Grammar Checker in Word 2007

The rules of grammar are sophisticated, and Word’s grammar checker doesn’t constantly flag errors. Furthermore, Word will occasionally flag a sentence which is grammatically correct. Drivers need very carefully consider every flagged sentence before implementing the corrections that Word suggests.

As you type, Word will evaluate each word you get into, looking at them to its bodily dictionary. The grammar checker may possibly assist in spotting certain blunders, but do not depend on that! Grammatically, the coming lines are regarded the same way by Word’s grammar checker.

“I need to organise a can.”
“I have to organise a cab.”
“I need to organise a car.”

The catch here, of course, is which you are able to misspell or misuse a phrase that is itself a correctly spelled word in the dictionary, thus the spelling and grammar checkers will not improve an alarm.

The grammar checker can notice common grammatical mistakes. The grammar checker in Word 2007 could identify passive voice, that by itself isn’t an error but weakens the construction, incorrect comma usage, poor subject verb agreement, common pronoun errors and also conjunction mistakes, as well as other similar gaffes.

Spelling errors are flagged in red and grammatical errors are flagged in green. If Word is able to earn a corrective suggestion, it will. To print on the quick correct function, right click on the flagged phrase or word and evaluate Word’s suggestion. If you want to allow it, highlight the correction from the contextual menu. Word will instantly make the improvements. If you want to ignore Word’s suggestion, right click the flagged phrase or word and pick Ignore with the contextual menu. Word will remove the red or green flag from the content.

Word can check the spelling and grammar on a text selection or perhaps the entire file. to be able to run the Grammar and Spelling checker, choose Review > Proofing > Spelling and Grammar. Press F7 to run the spelling & grammar checker.

When you want to turn off the spelling and grammar checker, choose the Office button and select Word Options from the lower right corner. Select Proofing from the left menu pane and deselect Mark grammar errors when you sort. Click Ok. This can disable the real-time grammar checking in Word 2007.

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