Typically the Simplicity Of Keku Wall membrane Panel Fixings

Have you ever gone right into a modern day office block or a shop and wondered just how the wall panels appear to have nothing holding them on on the wall? Usually there are no connectors or screws visible which are holding them with regard to the wall. So how is this effect achieved?

A number of years ago achieving this result will were unthinkable and also you will have discovered some type of visible fixing at the best and bottom of the wall sections holding them on to the wall behind, but this did appear hideous unless the screws heads were filled over.

However in filling them in you’d two problems, firstly getting a colour combine with the filler was very hard. Second if you filled them in then it made the sections really difficult to remove in a hurry, which may be an issue if you were required to get to any electric equipment or even water pipes sat behind them in a hurry.

One German company recognised the need to have a wall panel fixing method that helped panels being solidly fixed to a wall without any obvious fixings demonstrating, but also enabled them being introduced fast in the event belonging to the need to have to sign up for a panel off. This has proved to be an idea that outlet fitters love using as it results in such a clean look.

The Keku wall panel process works out very simply by getting lightweight aluminium “I” cross section beams which look like mini RSJ beams in state. These come pre drilled with gaps and are screwed to the actual wall.

A load bearing frame component will then be connected to the beam and also the pertinent panel component connected to the control panel, it then indicates the control panel can subsequently be slid into place with the panel component clipping in to spot with the frame element. This forms a connection, that in effect locks the board on the wall, but by just sliding the panel upwards the components come apart releasing the board.

The simple fact that the beams come pre drilled for ease of assembly also implies that the frame materials can be attached to the beams at a number of heights. This in turn allows a lot of flexibility when hanging the wall sections.

The outcome is wall panel fixings that may be fixed firmly, but invisibly in place but allow for a really high dimensional reliability, with spaces that are accurate, but can be diverse in breadth.
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