The Top 9 Hair Removal Methods – Which Is Best for you?


Threading is one of the most frequent tactics for hair removal and removes hairs from roots. The hairs removed by threading take 2 to 4 weeks to get over again however, the bad ingredient of this particular technique is it is time-taking and is not suitable for large areas. Nearly all of all, its results usually are not permanent.


Waxing is on the list of most popular solutions. The hair removed by waxing require three to 4 weeks to get again although it is not lasting resolution to unwanted hairs. It is perfect for both small and large areas of body but is time taking. Furthermore, pain caused by waxing is unbearable for numerous ladies.


Shaving will be the easiest and painless way to remove unwelcome hairs on body but it’s lots of cons associated with it. You have to get it done after every 2 days if not one which might also cause ingrown hairs and irritation along the skin. So, it’s not the best option for individuals who actually are unable to shave daily.


Tweezing or plucking is a great choice for removing hairs on smaller places like higher lips as well as eyebrows but again it doesn’t eliminate hairs permanently. And so, if you need to eliminate hairs on greater area of your body or you want to have a permanent solution to the problem of yours, this possibility just isn’t healthy for you.

Depilatory creams and lotions:
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Using depilatory creams or lotions for removing unwanted hairs is a simple and easy method though you have to take action thrice or twice a week. Moreover, the substances that will dissolve hairs utilized in creams may also result in irritation or reactions. This process is painless but is not suited to all people.


Using epilators – electric devises used for removing unwanted hairs – is same like threading, waxing or plucking but then results aren’t long term. You need to accomplish it about once every month.


Electrolysis is the hair removal method which uses electrical current to damage hairs permanently. This process is suitable for smaller areas as only one hair style is targeted at a time. Electrolysis removes hairs permanently but requires some sessions as well as is extremely hurt.

Laser hair removal:

This’s the best hair removal technique. It makes use of laser technology to wreck the melanin in hair follicles permanently causing lasting reduction or maybe removal of unwanted hairs. It requires few sessions but gives very beneficial results. It doesn’t bring about any kind of acute pain or discomfort and the only small burning sensation might be stayed away from by using anesthetic before cold compresses and treatment after treatment.

IPL hair removal:

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment is yet another effective hair removal method. Unlike laser, it utilizes light using several wavelengths that scatter in skin and eliminates the pigment in hair follicles. IPL is also lasting hair removal technique.

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