The Challenge Coin and What it really Represents

The task coins have been originally created specifically within the American Forces but today they’re employed in each part of the military, fire and police departments combined with other fraternal organizations to represent a brotherhood amongst the members of theirs.

You will find that on the challenge coins that are used in the police department they’ll offer that department’s logo along with some of them having tender models to indicate that the owner is a part of the Special Weapons Tactics Team or SWAT as is more commonly known.

Occasionally a Fire Fighter will be awarded one of the task coins to indicate he is part of a team of a specific firehouse as well as the building of the firehouse is generally embossed on the coin.

When the task coins are supposed to be to military personnel they are easily recognised because of the military pattern that is embossed on the coins although it is a popular fact that if the coin is defaced in any way shape or form subsequently the coin is worthless and has no military quality at all, in other words the military won’t recognise the coin at all.

The coins that are produced for the military will always be built in the metal of bronze but for some other companies some other materials could be employed. You’ll find a lot of organizations to pick out from who will create these coins for you and can place on whichever emblem you would like, you generally allow the organization have a picture of everything you need embossed onto the coins and the company will make it for you.

Soldiers like to take the coins with them at all times as it’s a sign of the dedication and team work that their product have taken part in and will always represent their service time in the military forces.
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