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It’s been a very long time since Brian Schechter and Aaron Schildkrout carried their elementary school dance parties. After twenty years of speaking about “creating a thing that would shatter conventions and also erect something way better”, these two childhood best friends came up with their ideal idea as far: HowAboutWe, an appealing and fun new means of dating.

In a time when dating site clones show up in the hundreds, introduces a different approach: instead of screening through profiles, you chose people depending on their particular date ideas by using a “How about we…” template. Aspergers Dating but the activity is exactly about the proposed dates. Can it get better than that?

By the time this piece of content went over, these were the most favored dates on the site:

– How about we… have dinner at an underground supper club led by a secret famous chef.

– How about we… check out a scavenger hunt at the Met.

– How about we… walk the High Line.

– How about we… go for a stroll, sit in Union Square and watch individuals.

I sent Brian a set of questions and here’s what he has to say.

Just how did you get going and also what inspired the idea associated with a dating site based on proposed dates?

We’ve been best friends the majority of our lives. We’re talking kindergarten on. And we often pointed out making a thing that would shatter conventions and also erect something way better – way more genuine and way even more fun. The range of our initiatives spans 20 years – from elementary school dance parties to lesson plans for high school students; we were both teachers after college. We have started with HowAboutWe last August (2009). We’d decided we was looking to make a significant company that might make people’s lives better and help employees to do what they already want to do. We’d tons of ideas but HowAboutWe was the best person. We have been both single as well as the 2nd we’d the idea it was obvious that a site based around the dates individuals would wish to go on could be the kind of site we’d truly need to choose.

What is HowAboutWe?

HowAboutWe is mostly about putting the date back in dating. You say “How about we…” and fill in the dots with dates you would enjoy yourself going on. Magical dates. Simple dates. Wild dates. Lovely dates. Each day we’ll send you brand new dates that match your passions. And, of course, we’ll send the dates you suggest to those who would probably like them. You then can have a look at people’s profiles, message each other, and also go out. We think people are at their best when they’re doing items they actually love to do. That’s what HowAboutWe is all about.

What’s the age range along with the men/women ratio?


What is the best way to purchase a day on HowAboutWe?

Propose dates. Propose the dates you need to go on.

What’s the easiest way to NOT get a day on HowAboutWe?

Taking it too seriously.

What have you learned so far?

Everyone is much more game for exploration, discovery and honesty than we had thought possible.

Have you uncovered some tendencies in each, ladies & men when proposing dates?

Girls tend to be more inventive, have improved vocabularies and tend to be more specific.

You’re grounded in New York. Is HowAboutWe designed for NY or US just?

No, we want to expand for a national scale. We imply wanted to produce a whole new kind of dating site where users may just reveal who they’re, not with difficult messages and individual essays, but by proposing dates which start out with the words: “How about we….”. We are starting to grow.

How are you promoting the website?

We’re essentially focused on producing a great web site. The drivers of HowAboutWe tell their friends about it. Those friends tell their friends. That’s been the driving force behind our growth up to now.

How can you want to make cash?

The internet site is a subscription service. People pay when they get started composing messages to various other people.

So how does an innovative dating site be competitive with the already created dating sites giants within a saturated market?

By experiencing a terrific idea for making it different.

Are there any kind of posts on the website you would like to discuss?

One of our owners, Lucinda, volunteered to go on 10 HowAboutWe dates…and write about each one. She recently dished out on 1 of the dates of her for our Date Report and that is rather comical and then will give you a peek into the trials and tribulations of NYC dating.

As Lucinda puts it, “The very best part of dating in New York is the notion and the mystery that anything is able to happen, love is able to find you anywhere.”

And so make sure you propose a good particular date (hint: the dates which usually get the most responses seem to be models which have some personality), check your grammar since spelling mistakes are a wide deal breaker and be prepared to venture out and have fun.

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