An Easy Way to Begin With Chord Piano

Do you know why the guitar is the most popular instrument in the world? It’s because it is simple for a complete beginner to pick this up and actually create something many people can call music straight away.

Do you think a beginning piano student can accomplish this? Not really. Most students don’t wish to wait years until they can create music. They want to be imaginative just like their guitarist counterparts – and why not?

It is because you don’t have to damage your fingers on the strings. Not whatsoever. In fact, the piano might be the easiest of instruments to perform with. Only press on music websites and you have sounded a notice. Press on three or more secrets and you have created a chord.

Now, when many novices think of playing piano chords, their heads immediately turn to triads. Even though triads are OK and so are often played in most music, it is not the ideal chord structure to begin with. This is only because we do not live in the 19th century anymore! Most piano students wish to learn something which sounds somewhat closer to the century we’re living in and that is where the open position chord construction comes in.

This modern looking 6-note chord covers more than two octaves of the piano making it the best starting place for the beginner to make modern sounds. It’s a seventh chord too! Used often in Jazz and New Age music, this chord type is easily modifiable into larger chord extensions too.

Do not let guitarists have all the fun. Learn chord piano and you’ll quickly be the envy of guitar players everywhere!

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